November 15, 2011
What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like?

Well over 50% of the people on earth experience hemorrhoids and yet Most of us aren’t pretty sure what do hemorrhoids look like? The infected veins that are found anywhere between the rectum and the anus are known as hemorrhoids. They can be as an outcome of a variety of conditions. Here are some of the most common factors that contributes to them: constipation, poor eating habits, long sitting and standing, pregnancy and even diarrhea.

How Hemorrhoids Generally Look

Hemorrhoids normally resembles some little lumps. Bright red or slightly purple is typically the color which they tend to have.. From time to time they can be opened and bleeding with mucus at the region of the anus. Once you have hemorrhoids, it is crucial not to use dirty or unwashed hands to touch the area affected to make certain that it doesn’t become complicated to get rid of.

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What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like: The Different Variations

Some form of hemorrhoids can be difficult for of to see. We can only feel the them but we cannot actually see the size and shape of it. Hemorrhoids look such as little bumps or grapes that grow from the anus. It is found in different shapes, sizes and numbers and occurs due to unusual circumstances among different people. In order to fully answer what do hemorrhoids look like, you must know that they exist in two basic forms: internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

The internal hemorrhoids

Internal Hemorrhoids Image

are the one that has a light red appearance and they generally occur as a result of blood veins in the anus. You can feel internal hemorrhoids or know it’s there when you see bleeding but you cannot see the hemorrhoid itself.

In certain cases, when hemorrhoids cannot stay inside the anus and get disturbed or injured, they often hang outside. Normally hemorrhoids does not have a lot of pain associated with it. However, if the condition worsens then the symptoms can escalate and become quite discomforting.

External hemorrhoids

External Hemorrhoids Image

On the other hand occurs as a result of the blood veins becoming larger and hanging on the outer part of the anus.. External hemorrhoids are found in round or flat shape and look similarly to marble or excess flaps of skin. When pressure is applied to the anus such as when passing stool, these external hemorrhoids will become even more visible.They are often brownish in color and can be removed with the help of surgery.

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Still asking what do Hemorrhoids look like? Well they vary due to  size, location, thrombosed or prolapsed and infection level. Hemorrhoids are categorized into different grades based on the severity of the infection. You can find a list of the 4 grades of hemorrhoids below:

What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like: Characteristics

  • In several cases, hemorrhoids may bleed, in this case they are bright red in color.
  • Every now and then they may swell during bowel movement and the inflammation may also subside after certain time.
  • Prolapsed and swollen hemorrhoids may hang on the outer part of the anus during or after bowel movements..
  • When external hemorrhoids develop blot clots, they usually have a dark purple to reddish color.

Often external thrombosed hemorrhoids look similar to a red or purple colored marble. This is as a result of the blood clot. Most often than not, external hemorrhoids are not cured but they normally dry up and tend to look like raisins. Now you know what do hemorrhoids look like, If you also suffer from bleeding and extreme pain then it is advisable to consult your doctor immediately. The doctor is the best person to recommend a hemorrhoid treatment that will help you to overcome the condition as fast as possible.

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