January 5, 2012
How to Shrink Hemorrhoids Naturally

Do not be scared if you are one of those having hemorrhoids, and shortly after eating a full meal, in most cases you would feel the urge to defecate so learn how to shrink hemorrhoids naturally. Firstly, you need to know how this developed in your body. More often than not, hemorrhoids are hereditary but can also be caused by forcing stool to come out and eating spicy foods. They are also called “hemroids” and “piles” in the anus, most symptoms you would feel could be too much irritation in your anus. Most of the time you would feel itching sensations right in your rectum that can also lead to pain depending on the severity and type of the hemorrhoid you are carrying.

These are also swollen veins that look like tiny broccoli and having those could be severely painful therefore to shrink hemorrhoids naturally is needed. Some studies show that pregnancy can also cause hemorrhoids especially when mothers exert so much energy to force the baby to come out. In fact many women do not know they have hemorrhoids until after pregnancy and they don’t know how to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally. It is proven that excessive pressure on the veins can trigger the coming out of hemorrhoids. Diarrhea can also contribute to having hemorrhoids because the flesh in the anus will be loosened by acids and liquids when you defecate that will cause soft tissues to come out and when this happens you need to shrink hemorrhoids naturally.

Hemorrhoids grow and enlarge over time especially when left untreated that is why it is strongly recommended for you to shrink hemorrhoids naturally whenever you feel them  coming out. Learning whether you have the internal or external hemorrhoid is also important but mainly to shrink hemorrhoids naturally is more focused on external hemorrhoids. When you have the internal hemorrhoid, you would feel veins and soft tissues inside your rectum inflame and constantly feel the heated flesh. But then, internal hemorrhoids are much less painful and rarely cause bleeding. However you would know if you have the external hemorrhoid since swollen skin or veins will come popping out just near your anus. Therefore in this case you need to shrink hemorrhoids naturally by carefully pressing the soft tissues inside your anus until they are fully covered by the outer skin. This is just a temporary solution so you would have to do the same whenever they come out again.

Luckily there are various ways to keep hemorrhoids from coming out and shrink hemorrhoids naturally to make you feel relaxed for a long time. In every possible way you need to avoid exerting too much effort when you feel your stool can not come out easily. You should buy a lubricant and shrink hemorrhoids naturally by inserting the lubricant in your anus before you defecate to prevent pressuring yourself for the stool to come out. But this can also be addressed easily by not eating hard food and just going with light meals like fruits and vegetables. Keep away from heavy manual chores like lifting heavy materials that cause you to exert energy and avoid extended sitting. Walking and swimming can also reduce the tendency of having hemorrhoids.

Once you understand what do hemorrhoids look like, Another way to shrink hemorrhoids naturally is by taking a bath in a bathtub with hot water with as much heat as the skin can tolerate. This will naturally shrink your skin as the hot bath makes its way to gradually sink inside the hemorrhoids.
If you prefer to use a toilet roll after defecating, it is recommended for you to use a damp toilet roll and the unscented ones. This will avoid any skin irritations that will be caused by the dry toilet tissue particles left in your anus after wiping. Make sure also to use the plain white toilet tissues since colored ones contain chemicals that increase the chance of having hemorrhoids. And the best way to shrink hemorrhoids naturally is by eating foods that are rich in fiber. This will reduce soft tissues’ irritation and prevent hemorrhoids from coming out. Drinking lots of liquid or plain water except sodas and juices high in acid can help you shrink hemorrhoids naturally.

Many people ignore to shrink hemorrhoids naturally and rather just ask doctors to remove their hemorrhoids. Even though this is possible, it is now discouraged to avoid risking your health. Granted, the operation can make you feel good for at least a while and soon you will notice that it will grow again. Doctors now recommend to just shrink hemorrhoids naturally because as your cells grow older your hemorrhoids will also shrink in time.

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